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Real Kanojo

Filed Under (, ) by ShinXII on Nov 10, 2010

Posted at : Wednesday, November 10, 2010

i downloaded real kanojo a few days ago and from the demo video it look awesome but its not as good as it seem
and once again i got deceived by an demo trailer =_="
yes the graphic look nice but thats all the gameplay suck
sexy beach 3 gameplay is better than this but if you download this only to fap then you may like it
to me it just bored and repetitive
but the interesting in real kanojo is you dont have to scroll to look you can activate you webcam and it detect where are you looking
but if you dont have a webcam then it would be hard to control the camera view
for the time being i just stick to eroge
im currently playing yosoga no sora too bad its only partially translated i would love to play all the route in it
and if anyone know where i can get Little Buster with translation patch please tell me

o.O 10k hit

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Posted at : Wednesday, November 10, 2010

i just remember i have a blog hahaha its been a while since i post anything to this blog and today because of i am awesomely bored i logon and saw the 10k hits
there are people who actually enter this blog XDDD
and somehow today im soo free eventhou i have an exam tomorrow and i havent start studying yet
screw exam hahaha all i do in the study week is playing games watch anime and read some manga
nowadays it seem like i can only read manga on holidays
its not like im busy or anything
and the anime this fall i download way too many anime series and i can barely watch all of them
here check out my watching list