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Summer 2010 release

Filed Under ( ) by ShinXII on Jun 1, 2010

Posted at : Tuesday, June 01, 2010

O.O it almost summer already time sure flies quickly when ur busy
anyway here is a list of anime that i might watch this summer

-Highschool of the dead
heck yes it left for dead in anime version XD

-Sengoku basara 2
well since i already watched season 1 it wont hurt to watch the continuation

i dont really know what the anime about but the graphic looks good. im kinda lazy to read the synopsis XD

-Amagami SS
this look like a possible harem there is no way i would not watch it

i been waiting for this since i finished the first season

and also others that i might watch is
-shukufuku no campanella
-seitokai yakuindomo
-asobi ni ikuyo
-ookamisan to shichinin no nakamatachi