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=.= its been a while

Filed Under ( ) by ShinXII on Jun 1, 2010

Posted at : Tuesday, June 01, 2010

its been a while since my last post and i just noticed that i havent post anything for more than a month... it just somehow i dont feel like writing anything in the past month and when i think about it i been lazing around last month but because of that i watched a lot of anime and i even rewatch some old anime that i downloaded and recently i kinda addicted to the tv series Supernatural i downloaded all 5 season of that story and watch it

it took me a lot of time to finish watching it specially season 1 and 2 because the story just started and its kinda repetitive but it get really interesting when it come to season 3 because on season 3 the main plot is just started. btw the story is not all action it also funny i like how Dean make stupid joke and sarcastic comment all the time XD and also there is alot about gayish brother x brother relationship hahaha
i am a little disappointed about the ending thou but whatever i could care less about it
and now i am wondering whether i should delete or burn the story since its really taken a lot of space of my HDD 1 season of supernatural is about 7.5GB and i have 5 season of it and total size is a freaking 35GB maybe i should buy another external hard disk