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Angel Beats Op

Filed Under (,, ) by ShinXII on Apr 11, 2010

Posted at : Sunday, April 11, 2010

the opening video for angel beats is awesome its titled My Soul, Your Beat singed by Lia, Lia also singed a lot of song for key visual novel and anime like kanon and clannad. episode 2 is kinda funny seeing them tripping the trap one after another and also seeing yuri sad past after watching episode 2 i think that 13 episode wont be enough for angel beats i think that i might be playing the visual novel after this even thou i dont really like playing visual novel since they just take too much time but if its erogame then it is a different story because erogame have something to look forward for in the game XD

and also the ending is not bad either


Fabrice said...

Simply love love love it!
both of them are to me amazing,
the Op and the piano part, thats Lia for you =)

Might contemplate getting the Singles.

ShinXII said...

yeah i cant stop replaying the song since i only have the tv size atm