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Posted at : Monday, February 08, 2010

i played borderland because the rating is qiute high and it is pretty similar to fallout but to me it is a quite boring game i would prefer playing fallout. i finished this game last week and all i can say it is a fairly easy game hahaha XD even the last boss is easy all i have to do is shoot and dodge a little im currently at lvl 36 when the game ended,since i have done all the main mission i finished the game but since borderlands is like an online game you can still play it after the story ended but to me since it got no story i just stop playing it, borderlands system is like an online game since level is important even the weapon have level requirement at first when i play i was like wth!! but since it have a story i guess its ok the thing that impress me in the game is the weapons they are a lot of them, there are a total of 3,166,880 weapons in borderlands and i think that i only found a few hundred of them