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W910i GET

Filed Under ( ) by ShinXII on Jan 2, 2010

Posted at : Saturday, January 02, 2010

finally i got the phone that i always wanted
even thou it is an old model but it been in my wanted list for a long time
it a great way to start a new year XD
there are also several thing in my wish list that i got last year
but i really wish a have a new laptop this crappy laptop the battery died very quickly and i cant play a alot of games
but i just buy this phone and i think it wont take a long time for me to get a new laptop T_T i just wish i get it before this year ends
anyway getting a phone for a new year is great


Kaziru_xv said...

wow! i realy want this phone.. how much memory that it have?

ShinXII said...

1gb hahaha with the big screen i can even watch anime with this phone

My territory.. said...

lol...normal phone lor....but sonyericson, surf free using opera browser..

ShinXII said...

lol mana ada free pakai 3g kena bayar la data transfer charges la