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Seikon no Qwaser

Filed Under ( ) by ShinXII on Jan 31, 2010

Posted at : Sunday, January 31, 2010

as you guys know Seikon no Qwaser is actually quite popular among the winter release and its all because of the way the quaser got their power from but because of that the the version that i downloaded is totally filled with sensor and scene cutting and it make me really depressed ~sigh all the picture from sankaku make me want to watch the original version of the anime, well who doesnt XD if this goes on i might drop the anime and read the manga instead but even i said that i like to watch anime more than reading manga because i tend to read manga really quickly(skip the part that im not interested) for the ending and i really dont like reading ongoing manga(bleach is an exception)


HafisUN said...

better get the uncensored version..
where to get, wonder..

ShinXII said...

donno i have to start searching for it XD