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Filed Under ( ) by ShinXII on Dec 30, 2009

Posted at : Wednesday, December 30, 2009

it seems that i end up at langkawi with my family this year
well i dont really care where i went
but going to a vacation a week before exam its like they seriously want me to fail XD
its not like i going to study anyway, im the kind of person who study at the last minute
on holiday there is just to many temptation
anyway it seem like only my mom and sis who really enjoy the vacation
i just get more tired when im on langkawi since i have to carry the bag when my mom and sis go to shopping
boy shopping and girl shopping is a really different thing

im kinda amazed that how long they can go shopping
and when we go home the luggage almost doubled


My territory.. said...

2la ang pi langkawi xajak aku....
boleh jumpa awek aku kat sana....
bley knal2 ngn ang..ahehe..