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Friendster turns green

Filed Under ( ) by ShinXII on Dec 8, 2009

Posted at : Tuesday, December 08, 2009

i was a bit suprised when i enter friendster a few days ago friendster is totally different even the symbol is different now

and friendster homepage look a lot like facebook home wall
well what ever since i dont on9 friendster often nowadays i usually on facebook or on the blog
i have a facebook,tagged,blog,friendster and with collage and everything i cant keep up so i just open facebook and play some game
at my collage facebook is really popular atm and everyday i often hear someone say arrgh i dont facebook yet my crop is gonna die
anf the library is full with people playing facebook even the lecturers are playing it my collage is so funny XD
and yeah i dont have a myspace lol
myspace is totally overrated screw myspace hahahaha (im saying that because i dont have the time to make one so someday when i have a myspace account i will take that back )