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Disember T_T

Filed Under ( ) by ShinXII on Dec 4, 2009

Posted at : Friday, December 04, 2009

huh i use to like disember very much but now that im in college disember is just another normal month since i dont get any holiday on disember
yeah my college schedule is weird when all my friend are back on holiday im the only one that have to go to college
it is kinda irritating to see other people on holiday when i got to wake up early in the morning and go to college this actually make really want to skip morning classes
even so that didnt stop me from sleeping late no wonder i get sleepy easily nowadays and im the type that dont sleep in the evening (that mostly because of my noisy brother and sister)

i just have to wait for january and its my turn to look down and laugh to the people that have to go to college or school XD
this pic remind me of the A4 paper boxes that i saw in collage
since the brand of the A4 paper is lucky star behold the legendary A4 paper

ofcos it just have the same name
my phone camera suck