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Filed Under ( ) by ShinXII on Dec 18, 2009

Posted at : Friday, December 18, 2009

this an awesome anime or hentai, i dont really know which genre to put it but who cares
aki-sora is totally great with nudity,sex and also incest story it wont get any better than this XD
after i watch the ova i downloaded the manga (it seems that one episode of aki-sora is not enough to me ) the manga is like a hentai doujinshi it even have an orgy, for those who think that im perverted for watching hentai, i dont watch hentai for the h scene only i also watch hentai for the story that why i always download the subbed one lol
not like some who download the raw (like my friend ha3)
either way aki-sora is a must watch