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K-ON 2nd season

Filed Under ( ) by ShinXII on Dec 30, 2009

Posted at : Wednesday, December 30, 2009

finally what i been waiting for
K-ON 2nd season is confirmed i cant wait to see it
but unfortunately the it is still in TBA
but knowing it would be a 2nd season is something to look foward for
for more info click here


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Posted at : Wednesday, December 30, 2009

it seems that i end up at langkawi with my family this year
well i dont really care where i went
but going to a vacation a week before exam its like they seriously want me to fail XD
its not like i going to study anyway, im the kind of person who study at the last minute
on holiday there is just to many temptation
anyway it seem like only my mom and sis who really enjoy the vacation
i just get more tired when im on langkawi since i have to carry the bag when my mom and sis go to shopping
boy shopping and girl shopping is a really different thing

im kinda amazed that how long they can go shopping
and when we go home the luggage almost doubled

Merry Chrismas

Filed Under ( ) by ShinXII on Dec 24, 2009

Posted at : Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas for people who celebrate it
i dont celebrate it thou but who cares but i really wish it snow in malaysia T_T
but christmas in malaysia brings some good thing firstly my i got a holiday that day been waiting for the holiday since my semester ends this month cant w8 for january

Pko 2.0

Filed Under (, ) by ShinXII on Dec 23, 2009

Posted at : Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Pirate King Online 2 is out
for those who dont know pko 2 here is the website
pko 2 is an upgrade of the old 1.38 version, pko 2 client is only 400mb so it want take a long time to download it but you need a 1.5GB HD space for the installation

this is the only online game that i play even thou i said i hate online game
i started playing this game after watching .hack//roots this anime make me want to play online games, before i watch this anime i have no interest at all to play online game
this online game have a lot of event even hari raya have and event since the gm is from malay
here is the game play video

MAL Theme

Filed Under (, ) by ShinXII on Dec 21, 2009

Posted at : Monday, December 21, 2009

i found a theme for MAL in some forum in MAL, since it is kinda cool and its boring to see the same layout everyday but this only can be seen by the you only other people cannot see it because you have to install a script to make it change
im using the death note theme for my MAL

you guys can find the script here but first you have to install grease monkey if you are using firefox like me just download and extract the file and drag it into your firefox browser to install it after that just download the script and install the script that you want there are clannad,air,kanon and death note theme in there

Haruhi movie trailer

Filed Under (, ) by ShinXII on Dec 18, 2009

Posted at : Friday, December 18, 2009

finally the trailer is out showing the airing date of the movie
the airing date is 06/02/10 just 2 month more
i really cant wait to watch it


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Posted at : Friday, December 18, 2009

this an awesome anime or hentai, i dont really know which genre to put it but who cares
aki-sora is totally great with nudity,sex and also incest story it wont get any better than this XD
after i watch the ova i downloaded the manga (it seems that one episode of aki-sora is not enough to me ) the manga is like a hentai doujinshi it even have an orgy, for those who think that im perverted for watching hentai, i dont watch hentai for the h scene only i also watch hentai for the story that why i always download the subbed one lol
not like some who download the raw (like my friend ha3)
either way aki-sora is a must watch

Winter 09/10 Anime preview

Filed Under ( ) by ShinXII on Dec 16, 2009

Posted at : Wednesday, December 16, 2009

this is the list of anime that will be airing this winter
there are not as many as fall anime but it is something to look forward to
the series that i will definitely be watching is:
since it look like yozakura quartet

-Dance in the Vampire Bund
hell yeah loli vampire XD

-Seikon no Quasar
i been wanting to watch some shounen anime

-Baka to Test to Shokanjuu
look like a possible harem and comedy

-Okami kakushi
kinda remind me of higurashi

-Omamori Himari
cat girl *drool*

-Ladies vs butlers!
looks funny and there are maid in there lol

and these are some that i not sure to watch or not, maybe i have to check the first episode first

and i wont watch nodame and hidamari sketch since they are sequel maybe i watch it later after i watch the first season

Back to Firefox

Filed Under ( ) by ShinXII on Dec 13, 2009

Posted at : Sunday, December 13, 2009

now im back to using firefox, i been on a journey to test various browser since i formatted my laptop first i use the crappy ie (i just use it for a few hour lol)
then i try chrome but chrome just too simple and after that opera,safari and netscape
lastly firefox i think firefox suit me the best and i can put a lot of addon into firefox, but i been putting a lot of addon and it make my firefox really heavy
because i really like the speed dial in the opera i add speed dial to my firefox

LocoRoco Ost

Filed Under (,, ) by ShinXII on Dec 12, 2009

Posted at : Saturday, December 12, 2009

1. mojya gapatyu ~Opening Theme~
2. LocoRoco’s Song ~LocoRoco Yellow Version~
3. oreo ~The Jungle’s Awakening - LocoRoco Yellow & Green Version~
4. bu bu poruche ~LocoRoco Yellow’s Theme - Acapella Version~
5. bu bu poruche ~LocoRoco Yellow’s Theme~
6. uwauwau ~The Eaten Song~
7. stage clear jingle
8. LocoRoco’s Song ~LocoRoco Pink Version~
9. dadhi dado da ~Lots of Flowers - LocoRoco Pink & Red Version~
10. consepontowa ~LocoRoco Pink’s Theme - Acapella Version~
11. consepontowa ~LocoRoco Pink’s Theme~
12. yare yare ~Muimui and the Big Tree~
13. world clear jingle 0:13
14. LocoRoco’s Song ~LocoRoco Blue Version~
15. kuttetekaruna ~Mojyas Everywhere - LocoRoco Blue & Black Version~
16. tajya natata ~LocoRoco Blue’s Theme - Acapella Version~
17. tajya natata ~LocoRoco Blue’s Theme~
18. moinoi moinoi ~Muimui’s Picnic~
19. game over jingle
20. muimui crane
21. muimui ~Muimui’s First Day~
22. chuppa chuppa
23. happy jingle
24. LocoRoco’s Song ~LocoRoco Black Version~
25. yoi yore ~Tossed by the Waves - LocoRoco Black & Yellow Version~
26. zappudo geron ~LocoRoco Black’s Theme - Acapella Version~
27. zappudo geron ~LocoRoco Black’s Theme~
28. pupapu poapoa ~Goodnight to Mojya~
29. world clear jingle2
30. LocoRoco’s Song ~LocoRoco Red Version~
31. doda doda ~The Snow Has Fallen - LocoRoco Red & Pink Version~
32. panguraratta ~LocoRoco Red’s Theme - Acapella Version~
33. panguraratta ~LocoRoco Red’s Theme~
34. moro mojya nga ~Mushroom Forest~
35. nyokki ~My Friend, Nyokki~
36. LocoRoco’s Song ~LocoRoco Green Version~
37. aio aio ~Song of the Earth~
38. bucho mio ~LocoRoco Green’s Theme - Acapella Version~
39. bucho mio ~LocoRoco Green’s Theme~
40. pekeretesi ~Eaten by Bon Mucho~
41. merure merure ~Bon Mucho’s Song~
42. etoule pucoratte! ~Ending Theme~

Anime House Project Vol 2

Filed Under (, ) by ShinXII on Dec 8, 2009

Posted at : Tuesday, December 08, 2009

1. 止マレ!
2. Cagayake!GIRLS
3. you
4. だんご大家族
5. 愛・おぼえてますか
6. 片翼のイカロス
7. もってけ!セーラーふく
8. Face of Fact
9. Give a reason
10. 月の繭
11. Super Driver
12. ふわふわ時間

you guys can listen the preview here
and you can download it here
it is a torrent since it takes a lot of time to upload it on mediafire

Friendster turns green

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Posted at : Tuesday, December 08, 2009

i was a bit suprised when i enter friendster a few days ago friendster is totally different even the symbol is different now

and friendster homepage look a lot like facebook home wall
well what ever since i dont on9 friendster often nowadays i usually on facebook or on the blog
i have a facebook,tagged,blog,friendster and with collage and everything i cant keep up so i just open facebook and play some game
at my collage facebook is really popular atm and everyday i often hear someone say arrgh i dont facebook yet my crop is gonna die
anf the library is full with people playing facebook even the lecturers are playing it my collage is so funny XD
and yeah i dont have a myspace lol
myspace is totally overrated screw myspace hahahaha (im saying that because i dont have the time to make one so someday when i have a myspace account i will take that back )

2010 Code Geass Project

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Posted at : Tuesday, December 08, 2009

this is totally awesome i been waiting for this
i just not satisfied with code geass season 2 ending
why lelouch must die and why yagami light must die XD
i was rooting for Kira to beat Nia and after i saw the ending of death note i spend a few days cursing hahaha im just soo frustrated
anyway L suck hahaha

Disember T_T

Filed Under ( ) by ShinXII on Dec 4, 2009

Posted at : Friday, December 04, 2009

huh i use to like disember very much but now that im in college disember is just another normal month since i dont get any holiday on disember
yeah my college schedule is weird when all my friend are back on holiday im the only one that have to go to college
it is kinda irritating to see other people on holiday when i got to wake up early in the morning and go to college this actually make really want to skip morning classes
even so that didnt stop me from sleeping late no wonder i get sleepy easily nowadays and im the type that dont sleep in the evening (that mostly because of my noisy brother and sister)

i just have to wait for january and its my turn to look down and laugh to the people that have to go to college or school XD
this pic remind me of the A4 paper boxes that i saw in collage
since the brand of the A4 paper is lucky star behold the legendary A4 paper

ofcos it just have the same name
my phone camera suck

Left 4 dead 2

Filed Under (, ) by ShinXII on Dec 3, 2009

Posted at : Thursday, December 03, 2009

i just finish playing this game the game is cool but it just repetitive it just the same old gameplay with just an addition of a few more zombie
but the thing that i like about L4d2 is the melee system, now you can change the sidearm for a melee weapon
i mostly use the melee weapon in this game and also the chainsaw is awesome XD
and there also a lot of new primary weapon to use
btw the AI of your team is bad they all die so easily so it is better to play multiplayer with your friend

now this what i call guitar hero hahaha

Nyan Koi Op Single - Nyanderful

Filed Under (, ) by ShinXII on Dec 1, 2009

Posted at : Tuesday, December 01, 2009


1. Nyanderful!
2. Cross the Rainbow
3. Nyanderful! (Karaoke)
4. Cross the Rainbow (Karaoke)