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Hotel 626

Filed Under (, ) by ShinXII on Nov 28, 2009

Posted at : Saturday, November 28, 2009

i found this awesome game when i was browsing and it is quite cool horor game
it is a web flash game yes it is a flash game but it is the best flash game that i ever played
the loading takes a few minutes but you should see the graphic it worth the wait
this game can only be played from 6pm to 6am as the number of the hotel 626
if you go to the webdite on the morning you will see this

and when you start play this game it say
closed the light and use headphone for better experience
but if you play at 2 or 3 in the morning like me you maybe dont want to do that
the trick to this game is to change the clock in your pc and make it between 6pm to 6am so you dont have to wait a long time to play
click here to play hotel 626
and some screenshot of hotel 626


karakoza said...

I've reached the room with the you know the key for the door? coz I don't understand a word he said (which is suppose to be essential for the key)...

ShinXII said...

if you listen carefully you can hear a whisper that say the picture in the wall for example if the whisper say spider then the number is 8
the code change for every player so you cant use my code

Hotel626 Code said...

You can find the code at for the levels, it's basically a walk through should you really have problems with particular level code.