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Wimax Ad Potong la

Filed Under (, ) by ShinXII on Oct 27, 2009

Posted at : Tuesday, October 27, 2009

i just saw this this is kinda funny
nowadays there is a lot of funny ad
even thou most of it are stupid joke but it do the job
now i rarely watch tv since i always in front of my laptop playing games chatting or watching anime that is all i do most of the time when i got no class
right now im so stressed since there is an exam next week and i still didnt read anything yet XD
and i dont even get a study week
well it not like i wanna study i just want the holiday XD
i guess i have to wait for raya haji for holiday T_T


karakoza said...


thanks for bringing this up,I would've never known any new ad in M'sia's tv after coming here..

ShinXII said...

ah i forgot that u r not in malaysia so how things there

karakoza said...

tbh it's quite dusty here lol my study also coming just fine. just it's getting quite chilly now, as it's almost winter..

ShinXII said...

it get chilly there cool so will it snowing there

karakoza said...

There's no snow here, but they've got a lot of sand XD
this is a desert country anyway..