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White Knight Chronicles

Filed Under (,, ) by ShinXII on Oct 22, 2009

Posted at : Thursday, October 22, 2009

when i was out yesterday i saw this game trailer on a store
and the trailer is freaking cool and the song is great
it kinda remind me of persona when he transform
the song in the trailer is White Knight Chronicles ~The Travelers~
i download the full album to get this song
they are like 12 song in the album but the other 11 is just the bgm of the game
but it is a ps3 game and i dont have a ps3 T_T
and yesterday i just buy a external hard disk and it is 400gb that 4 times bigger than my pc hard disk
now i dont have to burn my anime anymore XD
and here is the link for the song in the trailer
White Knight Chronicles ~The Travelers~