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Filed Under (, ) by ShinXII on Oct 10, 2009

Posted at : Saturday, October 10, 2009

click the picture for better view
this my ongoing list this fall
man that is a lot
but this fall there is so many great anime
i just cant resist the temptation to download it
and i maybe will add some more anime after this
my hard disk will totally be full at the end of the season
gotta buy a external hard disk soon to store my anime XD


karakoza said...

You should do like what I've done long ago; buy a 1 terabytes external hard disk, possibly at the next PC Fair..

sampai mati pun xkn abis XD

ShinXII said...

well im planning to do that but my budget wont let me XD
so im probably just buy a 320gb only T_T