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Kimi ni Todoke

Filed Under (,, ) by ShinXII on Oct 11, 2009

Posted at : Sunday, October 11, 2009


recently i watch this anime
it is really funny and have a nice vibe about it
here is the synopsis
This story is centered around a girl named Kuronuma Sawako who is nicknamed Sadako (ghost girl from "The Ring") by her classmates because of her scary face and demeanor. She greatly admires Kazehaya-kun from afar, he is "100% refreshing" and is able to draw in people with his personality. Unlike her facial expressions she yearns to make friends and live as a normal student. Gradually she starts to affect those around her, including Kazehaya-kun
and it have a nice opening song
i just love the op
titled Kimi ni Todoke by Tanizawa Tomofumi

and this is the ending song
Kataomoi by Chara

i cant find the full song but
here is the tv size of the song
like i said i reupload the song
this is the song with better quality
Tanizawa Tomofumi - Kimi ni Todoke
Chara - Kataomoi